West Side Catholic Center Family Engagement offers family-centered services to build relationships and promote family well-being. Program offerings are guided by Strengthening Families and Trauma-Informed evidence-based perspectives, and celebrate, affirm, empower and support families toward greater wellness and bonding. Family Engagement staff collaborates with families in meaningful ways to promote healthy development and positive change for both parent and child.

Program and services include:

  • Social support through programs, activities and special events

  • Linkage to resources and referrals

  • Parent education and support

  • Programs that promote child, youth and family development

  • Distribution of baby- and child-specific material items (i.e., school uniforms and supplies, jackets, shoes, clothing, baby items and pack ‘n plays)

  • Completion of family narratives

  • Goal-setting and development of service plans

  • Verification and assistance with school enrollment

  • Advocacy with schools for needed services

  • Sharing of community resource information

  • Early identification of, and assistance with, developmental challenges