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Welcome to the West Side Catholic Center! Volunteers must complete the form below before beginning volunteer duties.

Volunteer duties may include: Potential lifting, carrying, bending, moving and other physical activities related to service duty as requested. 

As a condition for participating as a volunteer for the West Side Catholic Center event listed below on the selected date(s), I the volunteer listed below, for him/herself, heir, personal representatives, successors, and assign, hereby releases the West Side Catholic Center Advancement Department and the West Side Catholic Center from all liability claims and rights of action of any kind which the undersigned now has or may have for injuries, property damage and other losses incurred as a result for participating in the above named event, including injuries, property damage and losses which are presently known, as well as those which are unknown, but which may develop or be discovered in the future.

By submitting the form below, I understand that minimal training and/or orientation may or may not be provided and that I am not being entered against my will into a verbal contract or signed agreement that West Side Catholic Center would intentionally allow harm or damage or knowledge of potential harm or damage in the listed special event volunteer setting or duties.  

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