Executive Director E-News 6.5.15 - Where is God in all of this?

Last Thursday I heard Dr. Carolyn Woo, CEO and President of Catholic Relief Services speak at the First Friday Club. CRS was founded in 1943 by the Catholic Bishops of the United States to serve World War II survivors in Europe. Since then, it has expanded in size to reach more than 100 million people in nearly 100 countries on five continents. 

Dr. Woo’s remarks were enlightening and interesting. She said one thing that truly resonated with me and was a great reminder of the reason we are called to do this work at the WSCC. Dr. Woo told the story of meeting a mother in a war torn country in Africa. Her husband had been murdered, her oldest sons had been taken away to fight with a rebel army and her daughters kidnapped and held by these rebel forces. As she talked with this woman Dr. Woo thought “Where is God in all of this?” It quickly came to her that “I am the manifestation of God here on earth and I am to be doing His work and assist this woman as best I can."

When I am confronted with a deplorable situation or person in great need I sometimes despair and I do wonder “Where is God in all of this?” Dr. Woo reminded me why I am here at the WSCC.

On Saturday, May 30th we held the 10th Annual 5K Run/1Mile Walk through Ohio City. This was the most successful Run/Walk ever with 520 runners and walkers. The great folks from Hyland prepared and served 500 pancakes. We are grateful to all who participated and especially the planning committee chaired by Sue Wittek and Katie Robertson.

We are all looking forward to the 2nd Annual Sips & Swigs on Saturday, July 25th. This is a beer enthusiast’s event meant to educate the public in beer appreciation and beer quality.  Sips & Swigs will be held at St. Ignatius High School’s Kyle Field from 3-7 PM. Food is being provided by Boca Loca Burrito.  Breweries include: Great Black Swamp, Great Lakes, Phoenix, Portside, Platform, Brew Kettle, Brick and Barrel, Lucky Star, Thirsty Dog, Rust Belt, Portsmouth Brewing, Nano Brew, Bar Cento, Market Garden and more.

This is a festive event organized by the Associate Board of the WSCC. This energetic, enthusiastic group of young professionals has taken this event to a new level in their second effort.  We look forward to seeing you there.

As always, thank you for reading.