Executive Director E-News 10.9.15- Journey to Self-Sufficiency

The Center for Community Solutions recently published information regarding “How Much does it Really Cost to Be Self-Sufficient?” I was intrigued by the title as the ultimate goal at the West Side Catholic Center is to help our clients become self-sufficient.

The standards included Housing, Child Care, Food, Transportation, Health Care, Miscellaneous and Taxes, assumes a work year of 2,112 hours and are as follows:

1 Adult – $9.60/Hours or $20,268/Year

2 Adults – $7.57/Hour (Per Adult) or $31,967/Year

1 Adult, 1 Infant - $19.70/Hour or 441,601/Year

2 Adults, 1 Infant - $26.01/Hour (Per Adult) or $54,932/Year

1 Adult, 1 Infant, I Preschooler - $11.76/Hour or $49,675/Year

2 Adults, 1 Preschooler, 1 School-Age Child - $13.41/Hour (Per Adult) or $56,663/Year

1 Adult, 1 Infant, 1 Preschooler, 1 School-Age Child - $32.94/Hour or $69,569/Year

The standards also assume that there is no help from government, charity, family or friends. 

Housing and Child Care consume the most dollars while transportation and Health Care consume the fewest. As I review these standards I wonder how many of the folks that participate in our programs will be able to achieve these levels of income. I know many college graduates that do not achieve these income levels let alone the people we serve with no advanced degrees. These income levels confirm that help from “government, charity, family or friends” is needed for many to survive these days. We are grateful for your continued support that enable us to assist people on their journey to self-sufficiency.

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