Executive Director E-News - 1.19.2015 - What We Have in Common

Last week one of the volunteers, Judy was wearing a Miami University sweatshirt. I asked if she went there. She hadn’t, her daughter was an MU graduate. (I am too.) Judy shared that she was serving breakfast that morning in the Drop-In Center. One of the clients going through the line was excited to see her sweatshirt also.

Turns out he was an MU graduate. He was very proud of that and still carried his college ID in his wallet. He shared that he had been a college athlete and later a football coach at a suburban high school. Unfortunately, he had a stroke and was no longer able to work. That’s how he ended up having breakfast at the West Side Catholic Center.

The longer I am at the WSCC the more I become aware that the lines that divide us can be very blurry. All it can take is a crisis with our health or prolonged unemployment and while we may not find ourselves homeless or having our meals at the WSCC we may find ourselves upon hard times.

I believe that if people spent more time looking at our similarities we would find connections in our humanity. Instead, it seems we and the media spend more timing focusing on our differences which is not healthy. At the WSCC we focus on the similarities and how we are all called to live in this world. I think that is what draws clients, staff and volunteers to the corner of W.32nd and Lorain.

It seems like ages ago but once again we had a wonderful Christmas season at the WSCC. In three days we served over 1,300 men, women and children through The Giving Tree. This was made possible through the hard work of many staff and dedicated volunteers and the generosity of 120 individual and organizational donors. In addition, over 39 families were provided a wonderful Christmas through the Zacchaeus Adopt-a-Family project. We are so blessed.