Executive Director 6-20-14 E-Newsletter

Yesterday afternoon, as part of the Expressive Arts Project the Eric Everett Jazz Ensemble was in the Drop-In Center to perform for clients, volunteers and staff. It was a great turnout for the program as I counted over 30 clients in attendance. The trio performed for over an hour and played several well-known jazz favorites as well as client requests. As I listened I noticed a few of the clients had actually fallen asleep, their eyes closed and heads drooping to their chests.

I smiled as I thought it was a wonderful reaction to the music. The cool, air-conditioned Drop-In Center combined with the soothing melodies provided just the environment for a few minutes of relaxation. Clients were able to drop their defenses. Vigilance was no longer required. Drowsy eyes came quickly and sleep soon after. It was good to provide this opportunity for music, relaxation and yes, even sleep for our clients for a short time.

We are proud of the Expressive Arts Project (supported by the Cuyahoga Arts and Culture Council) and the opportunities it provides clients to engage in art, yoga, creative writing, drumming, music performances, theater field trips and gardening. Please join us on Thursday, July 10th at 6:00pm in the Breen Center of Saint Ignatius High School for a celebration of this year’s program. Clients will present their artwork with some items available for sale. Creative writings will also be shared. It is a very special evening and always ends with refreshments! I invite you to check out the talents of the clients of the WSCC – you will be impressed.

As always, thanks for reading.