Executive Director 6-6-14 Newsletter

The Internet is often an instrument for good.  Besides communications, I use it for research. I am often sent interesting articles or videos. This latest one caught my eye. Called “Screw the Poor – NYC Experiment” it was created by the Model Pranksters.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOuiq1Nv_sM   (Quick disclaimer on some of the language in the video.) They took their idea from The Pillion Trust Charity in England.  While some may argue that the video may be contrived I think it does raise the question “Do we walk the talk?” Does our expressed outrage over any issue, not just the poor result in any action on our part? I am not sure I am completely comfortable with my answer to that question. Something for me to ponder over the weekend. 

Almost 400 runners, walkers and pancake consumers gathered at the WSCC for the 9th Annual 5K Run/1 Mile Walk. Thanks to everyone who participated in the event. The morning was spectacular and the pancakes were tasty! We are grateful to our Presenting Sponsor – Hyland for their many years of generous support and the wonderful breakfast. The Bonne Bell Family Foundation and Bonne Bell Company have nurtured this event since its inception. We are blessed by their support and it was great to have Julie Bell on hand to start the race. 

This event would not have occurred without the committee leadership of WSCC Board members Christina Hein and Sarah Coakley, and volunteer Kathy Dugan. So many other volunteers and sponsors went into making this a successful event. Thank you all!

As always, thank you for reading.