Executive Director May 9 E-Newsletter

Executive Director E-Newsletter

I drove to lunch today and on the short ride I heard an interesting story on NPR. The show was “Here and Now” and the hosts interviewed Craig Mayes, Executive Director of the New York City Rescue Mission. The NYC Rescue Mission has a new ad campaign at  http://www.makethemvisible.com/and I encourage you to view the short video. It asks the question "Have the Homeless Become Invisible?" It is quite thought provoking and I wondered if I would notice any of my family if they were sitting homeless on the sidewalk.

Since I have worked at the WSCC I am more aware of people without a place to go more than I used to be. By no means do I notice all those in need.  People in the suburbs say they have no homeless but I have seen homeless teens, adults and families in places you would least expect them. Yet, I wonder how many of us would notice any of our family if they were sitting homeless on the sidewalk.

My prayer for today is: God, please keep me aware of those around me, in plain sight, that are in need.

Our sincere thanks to the group of Sherwin Williams employees who spent their day at WSCC. They deep cleaned the Shelter and Drop-In Center while also cleaning and planting flowers in the Shelter back yard. Everything looks wonderful! We also welcomed the 6th graders from Hathaway Brown this morning. These energetic young ladies cleaned and organized the children’s playrooms in the Shelter and the Household Items in the Drop-In Center Shopping Area. The girls also made bag lunches which were distributed to clients today since hot lunches were not provided due to the cleaning of the Drop-In Center. We are blessed by these many volunteers. Many thanks to Terrie Garr for organizing these groups – it takes much time and effort to ensure they have a good experience at the WSCC.

As always, thank you for reading, 

Anita Cook, Executive Director