Executive Director 11-21-14 Small Miracles at WSCC

I am surrounded by miracles every day at the West Side Catholic Center. Most of them are small but recently we’ve had larger “coincidences” occur.

Two weeks ago at Warm Hearts Winter Nights Joe Morford, Board President had just finished his welcoming remarks to our guests. One of the servers at the Westin came up to him and shared that over 20 years ago she had been a resident at Moriah House - the Women and Children’s Shelter. She came to the WSCC with two young sons and pregnant with her daughter. She was escaping from an abusive relationship. Pamela and her children, now adults were all doing very well.  She said that the WSCC saved her life and was excited to make a connection with us after all these years. She is hoping to become a volunteer in 2015!

Later in the evening Priscilla Franklin, Director of the shelter introduced me to another server. Erica recounted how she had been at Moriah House as a young girl with her mother, a veteran. Erica had fond memories of the staff at the shelter. She also recounted how she and her mother were doing well and the WSCC was an important step in that journey.

These stories are so important because when clients leave and move on to self-sufficiency we don’t often see them again. I guess that is how it is supposed to be however,  it is so good to hear that former clients and residents are doing well.

Speaking of WHWN, it was a very successful evening. The space at the new Westin was beautiful, the food was delicious and through the generosity of many wonderful people we netted over $155,000 to support the work of the WSCC! My thanks to the Board and volunteers for such a terrific event.  Special thanks to Jennie Highfield, Director of Advancement and her Advancement Assistants, Joyce Humel and Mary Beth Singler for a well-run evening.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anita Cook