Generosity of the Season

It is that time of year at the West Side Catholic Center. The daily activities reach a fever pitch as we prepare for Christmas. Most of the families in the Zachhaeus Program have been adopted. Gesu Parish will be here today to decorate the Drop-In Center. Traci, a member of the Finance Department has made the administrative offices look so festive.

Giving Tree donations arrive daily and on Monday the Giving Tree elves begin their tasks of counting, and sorting all the socks, underwear, hats, gloves, toys, sweatshirts and toiletries that will be distributed in two weeks. We registered 600 families in three days not even needing the fourth day that had been scheduled for registration. We will serve over 1,700 people for the Giving Tree.

We continue to receive the results of food drives held at so many parishes and organizations during Thanksgiving. Barb Miller sorts through the boxes and our shelves are laden with canned goods. These donations keep our food costs low for a few months.

Terrie Garr receives two to four phone calls a day with people asking to serve a meal or host a Christmas party. Unfortunately, the schedule is full and we cannot accommodate everyone. Many people are disappointed when Terrie offers a date in January or February. They would rather do their service now.

We are so blessed and so grateful for everything that comes our way. People are so generous.

Yet, this time of the year can be somewhat bittersweet for many of the staff at the WSCC. We experience the outpouring of generosity during November and December yet know that the lean months of March, July and others will arrive. Our clients need the spirit of Christmas every day. I suspect we all need the spirit of peace, love, generosity and goodwill toward each other carried in our hearts and shared with each other every day. Isn’t that what Jesus taught?

Thank you for all you do for the WSCC. Please keep the clients, staff, volunteers and donors of the WSCC in your prayers. Our prayer is that you have a blessed, holy Christmas season filled with peace, joy and wonder.